Could it be love or lust

I have just met this really hot new guy. He is a sexy as hell, but at the same time I really like him.

Like I keep saying to my friends here at the London escorts service that I work, I don’t whether it is love or lust. One minute, I want to rip all of his clothes off, and the next minute, I just want to walk hand in hand with him down Kensington Highs Street. I have never felt like this about a man since I joined London escorts. Sure, I have met a lot of attractive men, but no one like this guy.

Not only does my new boyfriend got great looks, but he is nice as well. I told him that I worked for London escorts, and he was totally okay about it. Most guys just look at you and kind of seem to think that you are a tart. This guy is different. He smiled at me and said it is probably one of the best jobs that you can have in London today. To be fair to him, he may be right. Working for London escorts can certainly help you to pay the bills.

At the same time, he has got this calm passionate thing going on. I like guys who are good in bed, but this one takes it to the extreme. He seems to be able to mix both lust and loves and it droves me mad. Sitting around chatting to the girls from London escorts the other day in a Starbucks, I told them that no man has made me feel like this before and I did not really know how to handle. From the look in their eyes, I think that many of my London escorts are a bit jealous of me. Finding a nice guy is not always easy.

It is not only his looks that makes me go weak at the knees, but his voice as well. I can honestly sit there and listen to his voice for hours, and I know that I sometimes start to get excited. Last night he picked me up after I had finished my shift at London escorts, and we went out for a drink. I must have sat there and just listened to him talk. It was one of the weirdest feelings and I did not want the night to end.

But, is it lust or love? I am not sure what is going on here. When I was on my way to date the other day for London escorts, he just popped into my head and seemed to stay there. I could not get rid off the thought of him. It is just that my thoughts were confused. One moment I wanted to just stay in bed with him all day, and the next minute I wanted to just sit there and talk to him. We talk about everything and it feels good to be able to do so. I have always found it hard to be honest with a guy about what I want in bed, but no problem at all with this one. Is it love or lust – the jury is still out on that verdict.

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