I can’t believe she is an escort

I had not seen my friend Eliza for ages. As soon as we left school, she moved to London and I stayed in Guilford.  Like so many other girls in our class, I went to college and I found myself a job locally. It was not the greatest job, but at least it gave me a little bit of a career before I had my kids. A few years into the job I did meet my husband and we did the traditional stuff. Once we had bought our own house we decided to start a family.


Now, when the kids are beginning to grow up, I feel that I have missed out on many things. I have been thinking about things that I could have done, and it was during a break in a coffee shop in Guilford, I bumped into Eliza again. At first I hardly recognized her. She looked really very glamorous, and explained to me that she worked for Surrey escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/surrey-escorts. I was totally taken back, I could not believe that Eliza had become an escort. When I knew her she was a shy person and I would not have thought that she would ever have turned into someone who would work Surrey escorts.


Surrey escorts is not the only escort agency Eliza has worked for since she left school. She started by working in London for an escort agency, and as she got older, she decided that she would move back to Surrey. Speaking to her, it sounded like she had done very well for herself. I took one look at her and realised it was probably true. Not only was she wearing some nice designer clothes, but she was also sporting some fantastic jewellery.


Did I feel jealous? I thought her lifestyle must be very superficial at first, but then I appreciated that she had done some amazing things in her life. She had traveled a lot, and it sounded like she had been dating a lot of very high profile men both at Surrey escorts and at the other escort agencies that she had worked for in London. When I thought about my own life, it felt very much like I had missed out on a lot of excitement and I did honestly feel like I could have made more out of my life.


Even though Eliza still worked for Surrey escorts, I did not want to give up on my new found friendship with her. We started to meet on a regular basis, and it was just nice to have something exciting going on in my life. I am sure that a lot of people out there like to say bad things about escorts, but after reconnecting with Eliza, I have a different take on things. Sure, she is an escort, but honestly, I have to say that I don’t think that Eliza is a bad person at all.  If I had my time again, I think that I may even consider joining Surrey escorts, but it is a little bit too late for that now.


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