I love material things more than my children two kids and still shopping

Most women at https://charlotteaction.org/sandhurst-escorts of Sandhurst escorts seem to think that becoming a mum fulfills their life. For some reason, that just did not work for me, and what gives me pleasure, is being surrounded by material things. It may sound a bit cold, but I get more of kick out of having the latest bag than my kids getting good grades at school. There are times when I am not even so sure that I actually love my two kids, and I have to admit that my husband spends more time with our kids than I do.

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It has led to a lot of tension in our relationship, and I do appreciate that wanting the kids, was just like wanting a fashion accessory. If, I do spend time with the kids, it will be to take them shopping. After all, I want my kids to have the best.

Kids on the back shelf

I wasn’t never really sure if I wanted to be a mum, but my husband was desperate for kids. In the end, we ended up with two girls and they are stunning. However, I am not sure that I am really cut out for motherhood at all. To be honest, I was single for a very long time, and I still enjoy doing things for myself. I have a well-paid job at Sandhurst escorts that lets me spend as much as I like, and there are times when I believe that I love my BMW car more than I love my kids.

The girls are growing up quickly, and I realize that I am missing out on them. My husband does most of the caring, and I seem to be spending my time making our home look beautiful. Charlie, my husband, is always encouraging me to spend more time with the kids, he cannot see that having a beautiful home for the kids to live in, is just as important. It would be fair to say that my husband does not acknowledge this at all. At times, I think that we are talking at complete cross purposes, and often feel that my husband completely ignores me.

Yes, the kids are great, and I am making sure that they have all of the bits they need. It is important for kids to keep up with the latest trends as status has always been vital when it comes to keeping kids happy. Needless to say, my husband does not agree with me on this, and wants be a different style parent to the kids. Well, I am afraid that I can’t. This is the sort of parent I am, and if they need emotional support or attention, I suppose they had better go to their father who completely idealizes them.

Maybe I am being a bit too harsh on my husband, but I don’t think that he moves with the times at all. If he had his way, the girls would be spending all of their weekends in old jeans and fleece jackets, forever going on long hikes with him and his beloved dog. I think that kids needs to be taught the value of things, and having a comfortable luxurious home is important. One day, I feel pretty certain that my kids will thank me for all of my efforts.


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