My Life as A Mature Sugar Babe

When I left London escorts after having achieved all of the things I kind of wanted to achieve, I decided to continue in a similar line of business. I had read a lot about girls who are Sugar Babes, and I thought that it would be ideal career choice in the more mature stages in my life. Getting hold of a Sugar Daddy when you have worked forĀ Eve escorts is not that hard, and a couple of the gents I knew, were rather keen to help me get started.

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Now that I am 34 years old, I guess that I would be called a mature Sugar Babe, but I don’t have a problem with that at all. Many of the gents who are my Sugar Daddies like to date a more mature woman, and are happy to help me out. It is different from London escorts in many ways, as basically you make up the rules. When you work for London escorts, the escort agency makes up the rules and you go along with them.

I am not dating my Sugar Daddies all of the time, but I will say that I have several Sugar Daddies. It is a bit like working for London escorts. You don’t get away with dating just one gent, you need to date many to make it work. I know that some younger girls only have one Sugar Daddy, but when you are making a career out of being a Sugar Babe, you need more than one daddy to make things work. To be honest, I don’t that most Sugar Babes make a fortune out of their careers.

If you want to make a lot of money out of your career, you should stick to London escorts, But after having worked for London escorts for many years, I did feel that I need a break. Originally I had intended to go back to escort agency, but I met my first Sugar Daddy, so I stuck to working for myself, and I have not regretted it. As my flat is mortgage free, I don’t need that much money to live on, and at the moment, I am making enough money to cover my living expenses and I can also put some money aside.

I have not regretted my career move at all. At first, I did miss the action of working for London escorts, but being a Sugar Babe is a liberating experience. When you are not dating you can pretty much do want you want to do. It is all about finding the right Sugar Daddies, and make sure that you have enough money to live on. My flat is paid for so I don’t worry about that, but I do meet all of he running bills. In fact, I am a very lucky girl. Not all girls in London can enjoy such independent and easy going lifestyles, and even when I am not spending time with my gents, I have plenty of things to do. Being a mature Sugar Babe, is a pretty good lifestyle for me and I would imagine, other ladies as well.

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