Sex And Alcohol Dependency

It is all too easy to let alcohol take over your life, says Tabatha from Charlotte escorts. I always turn away gents from Charlotte escorts when they turn up drunk. Yes I know that you might feel kind of sexy when you have been drinking, but you should not be phoning up to make dates with London escorts when you have had too many drinks. The simple truth is that we will not see. From experience we know that most gents who have had a few drinks, lose their morals way to easily, and we just don’t date on that kind of basis.

Things are different in the United States. The girls who work as escorts in the US have totally different standards, and don’t mind dating gents who have had a drink. I have turned away quite a few American gents from Charlotte escorts because they have turned up intoxicated. Yes, it is okay in the US, but we don’t do it here in London at all. We have so many American visitors in London these days and to be honest, they need to learn that London escorts have different rules than American girls. I think that we are a bit tougher.

Sometimes, I think that gents who are a bit addicted to sex, lose their morals as well. They only have one thing on the brain. A few weeks ago, I had about a couple of Charlotte escorts who had ended up throwing out a couple of guys who wanted them to act as Japanese animated porn stars. Another girl from my agency spoke to the Charlotte escorts concerned later, and they said that the guys had just acted really strange. Once again, it was almost like they had lost their morals along the way somewhere.

I am sure that we all lose the plot from time to time, but when you work for London escorts, you do have to be careful. We are lucky at this agency because we have a boss who always back us up. Some Charlotte escorts are not that lucky, and their bosses don’t seem to care what happens about to them. I would not want to work in that kind of environment at all, and I know that most of the girls that i work at the agency, Would not want that neither. It is really unpleasant and can be dangerous.

Working for London escorts is great and I meet so many lovely gents here at the escorts service. It would be fair to say that a lot of gents here in London, date escorts because they are a bit lonely, I an totally relate to that and I am not going to condemn them for doing so. Most of the gents that turn up at my door are not drunk or sex addicts. They are just lonely guys who are looking for a little bit of companionship and to have some fun. That does not hurt anybody at the end of the day.

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