The Secrets of Attraction

What are the secrets of attraction, and why do we become attracted to certain people and not others? Do men find other men attractive, and do women find other women attractive? My London escorts friends and I decided to take a look at attraction to see what we could find out.

As you may know, I used to work for a London escorts agency until I married my husband. Many of my friends still work as London escorts, and all of us have our own little London escorts Lunch club. Well, we don’t actually call it that. We call it “Ladies that Lunch with a Twist” but that is a different story.

London escorts may be more acutely aware what makes somebody attractive to a person than other people. After all, London escorts need to be attractive to fit in with their lifestyles, and this is what makes the business tick at the end of the day.


So as I was conversing with my friends from London escorts agencies we discussed how Attraction is a funny thing and seems to be associated with what turns us on. It could be something as simple as a smile, or an eye colour but what is the psychology behind it.

If you find brown eyes attractive, it could mean that someone significant in your life had brown eyes such as a father or cousin. I find brown eyes attractive, and I know precisely why. growing up in the Middle East I was always surrounded by dark brown eyes, and now I found brown eye colour attractive. It gives me a feeling of comfort and something that I know. People with blue eyes to me look funny, even though I have blue eyes myself, but I could not have a partner with blue eyes. My husband has dark brown eyes, and I find that turns me on.

Hands are another thing that many people find attractive. Most escorts in London find that many men look at their hands, and will prefer long nails or short nails. My husband doesn’t mind slightly long nails but not very long ones. Surprisingly, he isn’t keen on nail polish but likes a clear polish. In other words, he does not find ladies with painted nails attractive.

Shoulders – a lot of men find shoulders attractive, and it must have something to do with the art of expectation as they say in the Middle East. Sexy slim shoulders are very popular in the Middle East, and it is a habit. During the summer I often wear tops of my shoulders, and it can just drive my husband wild.

Women like shoulders as well. We look at them slightly differently though, and we look for strength. This must go back for centuries when men used to be judged only by their physical appearances, and if they made strong good partners. No good have a weak cave man who could not bring home that mammoth for supper or through a spear.

Attraction is a funny thing, and when you look back at it, you will realise what makes us appear attractive may go back for millenia.

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